Does Catholicism have a man crisis, or is Cardinal Burke paranoid? Religion News Service

It is ironic that women who do the majority of catechesis at parishes, who educate priests, who write landmark works of theology and give birth to cardinals, bishops and popes are still not able to be leaders in the church. Because, according to Cardinal Burke, we’re just girls. And everyone knows girls are icky. Read more »

The Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis: A history of change in a timeless church The Guardian

Saint Augustine referred to the church and its people as corpus mixtum: a mixed body, both sinful and holy, from its individuals on up to its institutions. Yet for all of the enthusiasm about Pope Francis’s promise of reform, and all of Garry Wills’s willingness to pry open the sinfulness of the church the Pope leads, it is rather too early to tell if the institution itself is ready to embrace that kind of humility. Read more »

Searching for Bach Killing The Buddha

Classical music felt like a gilded trap. Obsession with perfection was required; go a week without practicing and your fingers would open and blister all over again. You were supposed to sleep with your hand taped around a bottle and sit up straight and wear long skirts because you have to straddle a cello even if you’re a still a virgin and straddling anything shaped like a body is kind of a mystery Read more »

Conquistadors: On the End of Oakland The East Bay Review

Luis Maria Peralta arrived in Alta California as a member of the Spanish-led de Anza expedition in 1776. After pursuing a group of Native Americans through the San Joaquin valley and eventually massacring them, he was awarded with the Rancho San Antonio land grant. That grant spread over the cities now known as San Leandro, Alameda, Emeryville, Piedmont, Berkeley, and Oakland. Read more »