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le tiguilera (and I’m on sale)

Posted in Uncategorized on June 8th, 2009
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What do you do on the day before your book comes out? If you’re me, you attempt to work out (dear readers, I have some sad news to share with you: writing books can make you chubby. Some lucky writers have speedy metabolisms, but coming from Irish peasant stock, I’m built for squatting in potato fields all day, not for being stuck at a desk combing through Lexis Nexis and Maximumrocknroll back issues). Then you come home and sleep for two hours, and spend some time with Dean Wareham’s compulsively readable memoir, Black Postcards. You might also further procrastinate on starting that essay you’re supposedly working on for your friend’s website, and maybe watch some episodes of Deadliest Catch. I like to keep it simple.

e799024uku1Anyway, I come not just to flog my book and remind you about its impending release, but to let you know that Kathleen Hanna, who I interviewed for the chapter on Olympia and the birth of Riot Grrrl, is apparently getting back into music after a long break, heading into the studio with Christina Aguilera, according to Pitchfork (who heard it from Perez Hilton, but apparently Le Tigre’s publicist confirmed it). Out of the whole army of former Mouseketeers/ R&B/pop singers, Aguilera has always been The One Who Can Actually Sing, and if Le Tigre wants to get the ball rolling again, unlikely collaborations like this can actually light the fire under a band’s butt. Aguilera seems to have a bit of a feminist thing going on too (and that scene of Damien singing “Beautiful” in Mean Girls is precious to me), so let’s hope they have fun and maybe get her to tone down on the makeup a bit.

ask me ask me ask me

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4th, 2009
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Pitchfork reported a few weeks ago that the theme of sorts at this year’s festival is set lists by request, with the Flaming Lips offering to “accomodate the wildest and most obscure of request[s] — covers included.” It’s a cute concept, and I’m sure Wayne Coyne and co. can handle whatever the internet throws their way before they get on stage (this will not be a live request session, the logistics for that at a festival being pretty much impossible — unless they did it via iPhone or something… hey! KA-CHING!), and the night before the Lips do their audience requested set list, four other bands will do the same. I’m pretty cynical about the herd mentality of rock festival crowds, so I’m imagining the audience sending in a zillion requests for Do You Realize (“you know, that song in the ad”) and being too lazy and unimaginative to think of anything else. Of course, at small shows bands do this all the time — I’ve seen bands just stand there on stage saying “any requests? any requests?” over and over again to the point of annoyance (I’m a shut up and play kind of gal) — but let’s face it, we live in an interactive age and consumers want to be served what they want, not necessarily what the artist wants. Shit, I’m guilty as charged; at my last reading I took a vote as to which chapter from the book people wanted to hear because I hadn’t picked something out beforehand.